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Once Upon a Time

There is nothing more satisfying then seeing that sparkle or glimmer bounce off a crystal or gem. Those of you who know me personally can say that I am a true Sparkle Queen, every outfit or accessory I have has to be bedazzled. In 2015 my husband proposed to me, this began what is now Luxurious Bridal. From my dress to my decorations, I did it all (and yes even all the planning!) Although it was a hectic and stressful period of 8 months, I completely fell in love with what I was doing and what was accomplished. When all was done I realized that I truly missed the planning, styling and creating that went into my wedding, and after a few months of deciding I finally went for it and launched Luxurious Bridal. I can't stress my sincerity enough when I say that I am truly dedicated to providing you quality pieces that fit your needs. I want to help other women achieve their true fairy-tale wedding with quality one of a kind hand crafted pieces. I use only the finest quality materials, and take great pride in the quality of our work. I love working together with brides to design their very own pieces to make them stand out on their special day, so feel free to send me a message and we can start working on your Sparkles today! 

Our Wedding 9/12/2015
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